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All animals, including cats, dogs, exotic animals and reptiles, must be protected so that they do not suffer or injure themselves when traveling by land, air or sea.

:: Veterinary examination
It is always a good idea to check your pet’s health before a long trip to make sure he is fit to travel. You may need a health certificate or other documents to take on board a plane or to another country, especially in the United States. Find out in advance what documents are needed .

:: Cage
The cage for carrying a pet must be large enough for the animal to lie down comfortably, turn and stand in its natural position. It should be safe, prevent the animal from escaping or injuring itself, and provide adequate ventilation.

The cage must be suitable for the kind of animal you are carrying. For example, cages for transporting snakes and other reptiles are different from those suitable for a cat or dog. Ask your veterinarian if you are not sure which type of cage you should use for your pet.

:: On board an airplane
Most airlines have specific requirements for the transportation of animals. It is recommended that you contact yours well in advance to inform them that you will be taking your pet and to find out if you need to do anything before arriving at the airport, ie buying a special cage to transport your pet or obtain a health certificate from a veterinarian.

:: In your vehicle
Limit the movements of your pet
Animals that can distract the driver should be locked up. Some animals, like cats, travel better by car if they are in a cage.

Animals should not be left in the back of a pick-up truck or exposed to debris washed away by wind.

:: Watch the weather
Animals should not be left in a parked vehicle for a long time, especially in hot or cold weather. The temperature can go up or down very quickly in a vehicle, to the point of causing pain or even death to your pet. If you have to leave your pet in your vehicle for a short time when it is hot, leave it with cool water and open the windows slightly on both sides of the vehicle to make a draft.

Give him food, water and rest
During long journeys, give him food and water, and stop regularly to give him the opportunity to rest or go out for a walk.

Traveling with pets
What has to be done
Take your pet out of the transport cage and put it on the conveyor.
Hold your pet in your arms to cross the metal detection gantry.
Take your pet out of his transport cage if he has to travel in the lower hold of the aircraft. A screening officer will carry out a separate control of the transport cage.
Be responsible for your pet and its behavior throughout the control process.
Check with your air carrier or travel agent beforehand regarding the airline’s pet travel policy.

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