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6 tips for not paying extra Luggage

When traveling, expenses can quickly add up, especially as airlines charge for any luggage or excess baggage. Fortunately Skyscanner is on your side and reveals several tips to save on your luggage.

1. Do not pay for your luggage

Our first tip (which is also the simplest and best): pay nothing for your luggage. Most airlines allow travelers to bring one or two cabin baggage for free, this is known as the baggage allowance. This will allow you to make great savings, especially when you know that some airlines charge up to $ 100 (90 €) per checked baggage! In general, the baggage allowance concerns the cabin cabin bag. Some airlines whose low cost charge extra luggage to take a suitcase in the hold.

Do not bring your entire wardrobe!

2. Take a lot of cabin luggage

Cabin baggage is a blessing for travelers: most airlines allow travelers to carry one or more pieces of luggage on board the plane for free. For example, if you are traveling with Air France, you can carry a carry-on bag and an accessory – such as a laptop case or purse [exact information as of July 16, 2018]. Fill your cabin baggage to the brim so you do not have to pack a checked suitcase that will be charged at a high price.

Carefully measure the dimensions of your cabin baggage before going to the airport to make sure it does not exceed the maximum size allowed (this can happen especially if your suitcase is curved). If the size of the bag is not respected, you will need to check your cabin baggage and pay the related registration fee.

Pro Tip: Place your heaviest belongings in your cabin luggage. This will save you from having to pay extra baggage because your checked bag is too heavy. Even if your cabin luggage exceeds a little the weight of the baggage allowance, it does not matter: the airlines almost never check the weight of the cabin baggage. When in doubt, carry a luggage scale with you to check the weight of your bag and respect the baggage allowance.

A cabin baggage can sometimes be enough to carry what you will need during your trip

3. Do your shopping once at your destination

Are you going on a trip to a country where clothes are particularly cheap? Travel very light – even take a suitcase completely empty – and do your shopping once you arrive at your destination. This will save you money on the go and is a good excuse to complete and / or renew your wardrobe.

In some countries tailors are very cheap. In Vietnam for example, there are beautiful jeans for less than $15 , polos for $10. In Ho Chi Minh City, you can make a custom suit for a hundred dollars ! Use the services of tailors, it’s worth it.

Otherwise, you can leave without luggage and buy a suitcase of voyer not expensive on the spot.

Travel light: you will have room to bring back the clothes and souvenirs you will buy during your trip. Again, use a luggage scale, you never know.

4. Ship a package

If you do too much shopping on your trip, rather than paying extra baggage on the return trip, especially if your airline does not offer baggage allowance, why not ship a few things to yourself? In many cases, it is cheaper to ship a package by mail than to pay excess baggage.

Remember to insure your package if it contains a precious object or an object with a sentimental value.

Pro Tip: You will usually be offered three options: air transport, boat transport, or SAL transport (a kind of hybrid between the two). If you are not in a hurry, choose the boat transport. While your package will take two to three months to arrive at home (against a week by plane) but this mode of transportation costs 3 times cheaper! To avoid an extra baggage and do not exceed the weight of the cabin bag on the plane, it may be worth it.

Shipping your things in packages costs less than paying extra luggage

5. Get your memories delivered

Most tourists love to buy souvenirs during their travels: fridge magnets, masks, sculptures or craft products. Only problem: the memories can be cumbersome and generate extra charges for luggage …

If you buy a heavy object (such as a sculpture) rather than cluttering with it, ask the store that sold it to you if it can ship it to your home. Another possibility: find an identical replica of the object you are interested in on Amazon or on eBay, and deliver the object of your dreams directly to your home to avoid extra luggage because the weight of your bag will have exceeded the authorized weight.

6. Prepare your suitcase well

Many people do not take the time to pack their bags and carry too much business with them. Travel light. Unless you travel to the heart of the Amazonian jungle (and again), you will inevitably find a washing machine or tumble dryer once arrived at your destination. Certainly, the idea of ​​losing your precious time to make a washing machine is not necessarily attractive. But it’s better to travel with only one travel bag (even if you want to make a machine or two during your stay) than to carry a mountain of suitcases from one airport to another and risk an extra baggage allowance.

Pro tip: If you want to travel light without wasting time washing your clothes, go to the laundry. In Southeast Asia, for example, you will be asked to pay an average of $ 1 per kilo of washed, dried and ironed garments within 24 hours! Convenient.

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